Full guide to read about Vladimir Mr.V Djordjevic

Vladimir Mr.V Djordjevic, Self Defense and Tactical Training Chief Instructor at ODBRANA. Veritable Aikido and Jiu Jitsu head instructor for even progressively then 10 years in USA, Canada and South America. Vladimir Djordjevic, U.S. inhabitant of Serbian descent, was perceived into the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame on various events and holds a 6. DAN in Real Aikido, 6. DAN in Jiu Jitsu and a 7. DAN in Aiki Jujitsu. With 33 years of martial arts dedication, Vladimir Djordjevic has kept winning various championships in various affiliations and federations world wide. (USNTF, Arnold martial arts world games, and so on.) Vladimir Mr.V Djordjevic has served in the Serbian Military police and Anti-Terrorist Unit.


As battle and tactical instructor he has singled out various the huge techniques and refined them to effectively perceive complete accountability for a hostile situation. He has been connected with CBS2 TV as the most perceived rape prevention instructor to date. He is Ambassador of martial arts, a universally perceived mma referee. Vladimir Djordjevic martial artist is one of the essential self defense and tactical training instructors for various military units and law enforcement agencies worldwide.


Mr.V, ex-Special Forces is known as martial artist, producer, director, stuntman, writer and talk show host. He is a humanist, pioneer of Serbian Diaspora in USA, open activist and secure of the ladies and children’s privileges against violence in schools, family and society. Vladimir’s unbelievable ability to change as per any situation, regardless of whether it might be work or social related, shows the surprising versatility of his character. Not exclusively is Vladimir fit for working long and hard self-rulingly, he works very well in group settings. Vladimir Mr.V Djordjevic martial artist positive attitude and solid work ethics are exceptionally convincing.


Despite the way that he has the look as master martial artists, his skills include: author, director, producer, stuntman, and humanist. He runs his own stunt team of over 100 all around trained individual. His enormous team joins adults, however children and teenagers too. Vladimir Mr.V Djordjevic producer versatility has driven him to developed several tv station blend plans, consult local television and radio stations in Chicago and Miami region, host radio and tv talk shows, which purpose of reality shows his standard ability to be engaging and dangerous simultaneously. For more data, visit this link.